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  "Roots of Peace" Honors U.N. Secretary-General
& Mrs. Kofi Annan

Her Excellency Kim Campell, former Prime Minister of Canada (second from the right), is greeted at the Standford reception for U.N. Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, by Protocol Professionals, Inc.™ Rear Admiral & Mrs. John Bitoff and Joyce Millet (left to right)

Protocol Professionals, Inc.™ team member, Dr. Keyvan Tabari (front left), receives U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan

Protocol Professionals, Inc.™ has the expertise when every detail is important and when everything is at stake! We are proud to share the highlights of our latest Head-of-State visit.

High-level visits require careful planning and hyper vigilance in the execution of every detail: security, timing, logistics, credentialing, press management, and the foresight to implement a back-up plan at every juncture.

The Protocol Professionals, Inc.™ team has the necessary experience when success and timing are crucial.


July 4th Independence Day Parade

Protocol Professionals, Inc.™ hosts members of the San Francisco Consular Corps for the annual Sonoma July 4th Independence Day Celebration in the California Wine Country.

Front Row (left to right):
Consul & Mrs. Norman Lomow of Canada
Consul General & Mrs. Ruprecht Henatsch,
Federal Republic of Germany








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