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Do you need an engaging and motivational speaker for your upcoming event or someone to offer a keynote address at your conference? Protocol Professionals, Inc. now offers a Speake's Bureau Service for a variety of audiences world-wide. Please contact us to explore how we may be of service.

The following are examples of topics offered by our scholarly and uniquely qualified international experts:


Dr. Vladimir Kuznetsov

The Honorable Dr. Vladimir Kuznetsov, former Governor of Primorskii Krai, and
Consul General, Russian Federation

  • Russian Story: Appearance and Reality
  • Putin's Dreams
  • The Odds for Russian Democracy
  • Russian Politics: A Hidden Agenda
  • Russia, its Neighbors and the Soviet Legacy
  • Russian Economy Today
  • Investment Climate in Russia
  • Russian Diplomacy: the Priority List
  • Does G7 Plus Russia make G8?
  • Restoring the American Leadership and the Russian Factor
  • Russian - American Relationship. Does it still Matter?
  • Russia: Pacific Dimension
  • Old Games in the New World (Time) Something about Today's Revolutions
  • Is the Cold War Over? Its Legacy and International Relations Today
  • The Concepts and Practices of the New World Order
Dr. Shlomit Shulov-Barkan

The Honorable Dr. Shlomit Shulov-Barkan - Former Cultural Attache to the United States - Israel

  • Coaching Executives as a Method for Organizational Success
  • Coaching for Effective Relocation -- How to Make your Transitions Successful
  • Culture and Ethnicity in Israel
  • Cultural Policy Across Nations - Israel, Europe and the U.S.
  • Women's Involvement in Society and Politics - The case of Israel


Mr. Pierre Fournier

Mr. Pierre Fournier, Former FBI agent and Director of the Office of Foreign Missions,
U.S. Department of State ret., California

  • Identity Theft & Credit Card Scams:
    • Travel With Confidence
    • Security Measures/Precautions
  • The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy - Was Lee Harvey Oswald the Lone Assassin?
  • Traitors Who Have Jeopardized America's National Security:
    • Walker/Whitworth - U.S. Navy
    • Aldrich Ames - CIA
    • Robert Philip Hanssen - FBI
Mr. Wayne Green

Mr. Wayne Green, Founder & Proprietor, Global Affairs, Consultancy, London
Member of the world renowned, Chatham House, The Royal Society of International Relations and the Trade Association of British Expertise, London

  • Globalization
  • The Offshore World
  • Development of Africa and the Role of Business
  • The Rise of the People's Republic of China -- Implications and Impact
  • Interfaith Dialogue and the Middle East
Ms. Sherri Ferris

Ms. Sherri Ferris, President & CEO, Protocol Professionals, Inc.™, California

  • Unspoken Breaches - Things your Mother never told you about International Panache...
  • Global Village Etiquette - How to Outclass the Competition and Command a Greater Presence
  • The Perils of Protocol - How it can Sink or Save You
  • The Art of Effective Networking - 10 Easy Lessons on How to Translate Networking Opportunities into an Increased Bottom Line
  • Protocol - A Vital Component of all Successful Relationships
  • Pre-trip Cultural Briefings -- Focus on (country)


Henry Miller, MD, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, California

  • An Avian Flu Pandemic: Catastrophe or False Alarm?
  • Genes in Your Food. Will they wash?
  • Genetically Engineered Foods - Boon or Bane
  • Why We Should Bring Back DDT
  • Pharmaceutical Development - Why It's Important to You
  • The Miracle of Modern Drugs. How Public Policy Gets in the Way
Hermann-Victor Johnen, Federal Republic of Germany & The Netherlands Dr. Hermann Johnen is President of JCI International in Aachen, Germany
  • The Cultural Specialities of the Benelux Countries and Germany
  • Adolph Sutro - a Hero of the US-West - an Historical Perspective
  • History of Horse Racing in Europe



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